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Ocean Park Residence I & II is a licensed residential facility for the elderly located in a beautiful and quiet neighborhood in the Ocean Park area. We have been in business for over 15 years.We assist families and their loved ones in the emotional decision in dealing with aging, as well as the care of Alzheimer's and other related dementia diseases. We provide a high standard of care to the elderly in a comfortable and secure environment. We accept the residents unconditionally for what they are, not what they used to be, or what we wish them to be. We do our best to celebrate the present and the reality of life. We provide a simple day to day activity program that makes their lives easier and more meaningful. We use a common sense holistic approach to demetia and Alzheimer's incorperating mental, physical, and emotional activities. We have experience caring for residents with various conditions including disabilities, terminal illnesses (hospice), and any challenges that comes naturally with aging.

Why choose us

We’re committed to providing the best possible care. 

In our assisted living facility your loved ones are surrounded with photos, mementos, and cherished items that reflect their interests and connect them to their favorite things of everyday life. Our facility offers a warm, comfortable, and cozy environment that our residents can easily call home. We offer nutritious and delicious family-style meals in our relaxing dining room. Personal diets and other special accommodations can be provided as well. Family members are always welcome to join us with daily activities and volunteer's work. 
Our goal is to improve and sustain each of our residents highest potential in wellness through balance nutrition, mental stimulation, and daily activity programs. Each resident is treated with true affection and respect. Our team is highly skilled and has years of experience, most of all, they love taking care of our residents and providing the warmth and care they need.

Call and visit us to find out how you can create new and precious moments at our facility. Our staff is always on the standby to answer all your concerns.


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